What Are Some of the Most Commonly Available Flooring Options Found in Wollondilly and the Adjacent Areas?

In the past, homeowners often did not have access to as much information as they do today. In addition, there was a paucity of options when it came to flooring materials. As such, beyond the usual flooring alternatives on offer, homeowners typically faced little difficulty in picking the flooring for their homes. In many cases, they based their decisions on the flooring used by their friends and neighbours. As interest in home interior décor increased, people became more aware of the ways by which they could make their homes more stylish and elegant. To cater to the new breed of consumers, flooring suppliers began increasing the variety of flooring options in their facilities. Nowadays, the sheer range of options on offer could leave you feeling intimidated.

It is worth highlighting that the installation of a new floor is hardly inexpensive. This is especially so in case the floor installers need to remove the existing floor for placing the new one. Because of this, many homeowners consider floor replacements as big-ticket home improvement expenses. To get the best flooring for your house, you will need to consider the amount of foot traffic, sunlight and wear and tear that the flooring will typically endure. More importantly, you will need to determine (and stick to) your budget too. Some of the most popular varieties of floors these days include:

    Solid Wood Floors: As a material, wood exudes natural warmth and timeless stylishness. It offers higher levels of resistance to wear and tear issues too. When wooden floors start losing their lustre, you won’t need to consider taking them apart. Instead, you could simply hire timber flooring specialists from Engadine or the nearby areas for sanding and refinishing the floor. Barring basements and other damp spaces, you can use these floors anywhere inside the home. It is worth mentioning that solid wood tends to expand and contract with varying levels of humidity. Therefore, you will need to consider the humidity levels in your area before investing in these.
Engineered Wood Floors: These floors typically feature a thin layer of real wood or bamboo placed over structural plywood. Because these floors do not contain solid wood or laminate, they are quite cost effective. But, this very feature is a drawback too. This is because engineered wooden floors dent easily. In addition, they don’t resist wear and tear much either.
Vinyl Floors: Vinyl flooring comes in wide range of colours and designs. They are resistant to scratches, dents, wear and tear issues, stains and even sunlight-induced fading. Premium vinyl floors can be as costly as solid wood and laminate floors.
Linoleum Floors: For the uninitiated, linoleum is a natural and resilient material. It typically comprises linseed oil and some wood products. These floors can withstand fading caused by exposure to direct sunlight. But, this relatively expensive flooring is not entirely immune to scratches and dents.
Ceramic Tile Floors: An all-time classic flooring option in Engadine and the neighbouring areas, ceramic tiles are quite durable. They can resist scratches, stains, dents and moisture-induced damage too. But, tiles can crack. Similarly, some grout can develop stains with time. It is worth highlighting that replacing cracked tiles can be quite cumbersome. In addition, you’ll need to be mindful that these relatively expensive floors will require professional installation as well.
Laminate Floors: These floors usually comprise dense fibreboards with photos placed beneath a clear-plastic protective layer. Naturally, because of this, laminate floors can take on the appearance of almost any kind of floors. The best laminate floors will resist scratches and discolouration from sunlight. However, the outer layer of these floors could wear out with the passage of time. When this happens, you will likely need to replace the flooring altogether.