What Measures Should You Adopt for Ensuring that Your Carpets Continue to Look Clean and Stylish?

Flooring suppliers in Australia can provide an enviable range of flooring materials and options. Among these, carpets are probably the most comfortable. They feel incredibly soft underfoot. In addition, installing them is hardly a challenging proposition.

Not surprisingly, many homeowners have installed carpets in their Sutherland Shire properties. However, carpets are not the best when it comes to durability. They are prone to gathering dirt, dust, dander and all kinds of allergens. So, if you don’t take proper care of your carpets and clean them regularly, they will start looking dirty and shabby fairly quickly.

It goes without saying that keeping your carpet in prime condition remains an ongoing task. But, it is worth highlighting that you can increase the lifespan of your carpet by maintaining it well.


Some of the top tips to consider for taking good care of your carpets involve:


-        Vacuuming Regularly: All your carpets need a thorough vacuuming at least once a week. For carpets placed in high-traffic areas, consider vacuuming them twice a week. Doing so could help you get rid of the dust and dirt accumulated in the fibres. This would go a long way towards keeping your carpets clean and fresh.

-        Avoiding Treading on Carpets with Shoes and Other Footwear: The lesser opportunities for dirt and dust to accumulate on your carpets, the longer your carpets will last. As such, it might be a good idea to remove their shoes and other footwear at the entrance to the house. Using slippers indoors only could ensure that dirt from outside does not make your carpets dirty.

-        Cleaning Spills Immediately: Not everyone realises how important it is to clean a spill immediately. The longer you leave the spill, the tougher it becomes to remove it subsequently. Instead of scrubbing the stain, simply dab at it. Follow this up by cleaning the carpet with a recommended carpet cleaner.

-        Keeping Your Pets Clean: If you have pets in the house, always ensure that you clean their paws once they come indoors. This is especially so if your living areas feature carpets. Pet hair has a tendency to drop and accumulate on carpets. So, you might need to vacuum more frequently if this is the case. Consider using some repellents in case you want to make your pets avoid the carpeted areas in your home.

-        De-odourising Your Carpets: At times, carpets can seem to give off unpleasant odours. To get rid of these odours, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet. Baking soda can absorb odours well, thereby keeping your carpet odour-free. Be cautious when using carpet powders as they could leave residual stains.

-        Using Area Rugs and Runners: Whether you have vinyl or laminate flooring in your Picton home, adding carpets to your home interiors could be great. However, using carpets in high-traffic areas could make them wear faster. Avoid this by using area rugs and runner in such areas. Area rugs and runners do not wear as fast as carpets do. In addition, they could enable you to infuse some colour into your interior décor.

-        Availing the Services of Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies: At least once a year, it might be worthwhile to use professional carpet cleaning services for cleaning your carpets thoroughly. Research online and visit forums and review sites to ascertain the best carpet cleaning company in your area.





What Is The Length Of Time For Which Your Carpeted Floors Will Last?

You might want to revamp the interiors of your home every few years or so. So, you could consider repainting the walls. You could move furniture around your living spaces. And, you could purchase various home décor accessories to give your living spaces a swanky makeover.

But, in many cases, you will not think about revamping the flooring in your Picton home. Replacing your flooring can be a time-consuming and costly project. As a result, several homeowners will not contemplate doing it until the floor starts looking shabby and decrepit. Because of this, the durability that a flooring material offers is often the best indicator of the value for money that a particular flooring material offers.

Carpets often go through a lot more wear and tear than homeowners can imagine. People step on them. Children and pets skid across them. Other individuals have food on them (and invariably end up spilling some on the carpet).

Some people think nothing of walking on carpets with muddy shoes. As a result, it is hardly surprising that carpets start looking shabby and dirty much earlier than other flooring materials. Professionals from the carpet manufacturing sector believe that it is best to replace your carpets every six to eight years. This is the ideal lifespan of carpets in households featuring up to four people. 

However, carpets can require replacement much earlier based on certain factors such as:

    The number of people living in the house.

    The material of the carpet.

    The placement of the carpet i.e. whether it is in a high-traffic or a low-traffic area.

    The quality of the carpet and its fabric.

    The frequency with which you clean and maintain the carpet and,

    Whether the household features children and / or pets.

It goes without saying that regular (and proper) maintenance of your carpets can prolong their lifespan significantly. So, if you don’t want to replace your carpets frequently, consider:

    Vacuuming carpets in your high-traffic areas every three days or so and all other carpets at least once a week

    Cleaning up spills on the carpets of your Engadine property immediately, so that the spills do not soak in 

o    Dabbing the spilled area is better to prevent the stain from spreading while cleaning.

    Doing your homework about the various stain removers available in the market and then use them on your carpets for cleaning up stains.

    Purchasing higher quality carpets at the outset – the relative difference in prices could mean that you might not need to replace your carpets very frequently.

    Ensuring that everyone wipes their feet on mats before stepping indoors.

    Altering the layout of the room regularly to ensure that the foot traffic that the carpet experiences varies.

    Incorporating suitable window treatments to minimise the exposure of your carpets to direct sunlight and,

    Using professional carpet cleaning services at least once annually.

Which Flooring Material Is The Best Choice For Your Kitchen?

For many homeowners, their bedrooms are their personal retreats. These rooms are the place that the occupants return to from the rough and tumble that typifies each day. So, it is hardly surprising that these rooms get the lion’s share of their attention. Homeowners expend a lot of time, effort and money towards making these rooms as warm, comfortable and cosy as possible. 

Similarly, for those who love entertaining, the living and dining rooms are irreplaceable. Naturally, these rooms will receive a lot of attention from their owners. From revamping the flooring to painting these rooms in colours that suit the existing interior décor, homeowners will leave no stone unturned towards making these rooms stylish, elegant and welcoming. 

However, in many cases, bathrooms and kitchens do not get the attention they merit. Homeowners typically spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars towards revamping all the other rooms in the house. This leaves them facing budgetary constraints when they turn their attention to their kitchens and bathrooms. Unfortunately, kitchens and bathrooms are more important than people think. 

Realtors opine that many homebuyers decide to purchase properties only after giving the kitchens and bathrooms a thorough scrutiny. So, if you plan to put your house up for sale in the near future, give your kitchens and bathrooms a makeover. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to replace the existing flooring in these areas of your Sutherland Shire property.

Kitchens are high-traffic areas. People spend a significant part of their wakeful hours in the kitchen. This is why selecting a durable floor for the kitchen is a no-brainer. Tile, stone, vinyl, linoleum and laminate floors are among the best flooring materials to consider installing in your kitchen.

But, it is worth mentioning that the durability of each of their flooring materials varies. Carpets are not ideal for using in kitchens. This is because they are too difficult to clean. In addition, they will not be able to withstand the high levels of traffic that kitchens typically experience. 

Kitchens are also notorious for spills. So, do not consider the durability of the flooring material alone. Instead, look for a water-resistant flooring material. Laminate will not be able to withstand exposure to water. Once water percolates into the planking, the planking will swell, buckle or bubble. 

This leaves you with tile, linoleum, vinyl and stone. It is essential to keep kitchens clean. So, you will need to select a flooring material that is easy to clean and maintain. Stone flooring is porous. But, it can often hold stains. Tile makes a superb flooring option for the kitchen. But, it can also stain easily. This is especially so if you happen to spill wines or sauces on it. 

This leaves you with linoleum and vinyl. Both flooring materials are durable and water-resistant. In addition, they require no special cleaners either, because they are easy to clean. Installing linoleum or vinyl flooring in your Wollondilly home is easy too. Some varieties of these flooring material eliminate the need for using special tools or adhesives during the installation process. 

Many Australians prefer using tiles in their kitchens and bathrooms. While tiles can stain easily, the key lies in installing them properly. As long as the installers seal the tile properly, the tiles will not stain. Lastly, it is worth highlighting that all three materials e.g. tiles, linoleum and vinyl come in an assortment of colours, textures and styles. Thus, finding one that complements the interior décor of your home will not pose any difficulties.

What Are Hypoallergenic Carpets?

Selecting a new flooring for your home can often present many difficulties. People usually like having several options to consider when they shop for anything. However, in the flooring industry, the enviable range of options on offer can well boggle the mind.

In many cases, homeowners have visited the facilities of flooring suppliers in Engadine and other places with a firm idea of the flooring they need. But, after going through several varieties of flooring, they often end up feeling confused. Making the wrong selection is hardly an option after all.

For, it is easier to repaint your homes every few years or so. But, to have professional installers ripping apart the entire flooring in your house to replace it can disrupt the routine of your life quite significantly. This is why homeowners typically prefer flooring that can last for decades not just some years.

It goes without saying that flooring is one of the most expensive heads of expense in home renovation or remodelling projects. Cutting corners when replacing your flooring is just not possible. Doing so could well be counterproductive too.

In recent times, Australian flooring manufacturers have begun supplying hypoallergenic carpets. These carpets have strategic designs that enable them to trap dust mites and other allergens circulating in the air of the home.

Homeowners have long complained about how carpets are impossible to use in case some of the family members have allergies. However, hypoallergenic carpets provide a viable alternative to the regular varieties of carpets sold throughout the country.

One of the top features of hypoallergenic carpets is the fact that they are extremely luxurious and comfortable to walk on. At the same time, they provide a tremendous fillip to your quality of living as well. These carpets play a vital role in reducing the chances of the occupants of the home having allergenic reactions.

In many cases, the professionals who install these floors use high-quality carpet backing and adhesives too. Although these materials are relatively expensive, they supplement the effectiveness of hypoallergenic carpets by reducing allergic triggers significantly.

Some homeowners might prefer tiled floors to carpets in their Picton homes. But, this is entirely their prerogative. It is common knowledge that carpets tend to accumulate dirt, dust, dander and other allergens.

In this scenario, tiles can be a better choice than carpets. However, hypoallergenic carpets are far better than tiles. Tiles may be easier to clean. But, they do nothing when it comes to trapping allergens in the air indoors. Again, installing tiles can be a labour-intensive and time-consuming process as well. Naturally, the installation costs for tiles will be higher. In contrast, installing carpets usually doesn’t take too much effort.

It is worth mentioning that homeowners could find themselves having to clean tiles more frequently and carefully than their hypoallergenic carpets. Failure to do so could lead to your stirring up several allergens present in the tiles.

On the contrary, you will need to vacuum your carpets and shampoo them regularly. But, you will find that once they are clean, your carpets will be effective filters that keep your indoor air cleaner than normal.




How to Ascertain Whether Your Home Needs Hardwood or Carpeted Floors

When homeowners consider alternatives for replacing the existing flooring in their Sutherland Shire properties, they usually consider a few things. First, the flooring will need to look good. It should suit the colour combinations and other design styles in their home interiors.Second, they will look at flooring materials that feel comfortable underfoot and offer superior levels of durability as well. 

Then, once they have narrowed their range of options, they will pick and choose based on their budget. Laminate and vinyl flooring offer their own set of benefits and features. Yet, the first choice for many homeowners will often revolve around carpets and hardwood floors. 

Shiny, wooden floors can make your home look elegant and timeless. These floors will never go out of style. And, they can suit almost all kinds of interior décor styles. They might cost you a little more than other flooring materials.

But, their longevity more than makes up for this little shortcoming. Similarly, no flooring materials feels so warm and comfortable underfoot than carpet. Stepping barefoot on to a stone or tiled floor might be nice in summers. 

But, in winters, not many people would want their warm feet to rest on the cold and uncomfortable tiled floor. Certainly, tiled floors can be ideal for places that experience a lot of exposure to moisture and water e.g. bathrooms, kitchens etc. However, in living rooms, bedrooms etc., carpeted or hardwood floors can be the best alternative.

When you need to decide between installing timber or carpeted floors, consider the following factors:

The Area You Live in: If you live in colder areas, consider plumping for carpets. This cosy material can be quite nice to have throughout the house. It can retain warmth. In addition, it can make you feel quite comfortable indoors – even on the coldest of days.

In contrast, if you live near a beach, hardwood floors might be better. Dirt and sand can accumulate easily in carpets. Thus, cleaning them can be quite difficult. 

Whether You Have Kids: Children will invariably be mischievous. As such, even the most innocent of games could soon become boisterous and noisy. So, if kids land with an impact on hard floors, they could hurt themselves badly. In such cases, carpeted flooring can be the best solution.

This soft flooring will cushion falls and bumps, thereby minimising significantly the chances of kids injuring themselves badly. Carpets can be especially useful for preventing infants from sustaining serious injuries.

Whether You Have Family Members Suffering from Allergies: Many people suffer from an array of allergies. Exposure to dust can often make people develop allergies of various kinds. In case you have family members suffering from various kinds of allergies, opt for timber flooring in your Picton residence.

Carpets can trap allergens and dust very easily. Hence, you will need to clean the carpets regularly. In contrast, hardwood floors can be your best bet in these situations.

Whether You Have Pets: Along with dirt and dust, dander can cause allergies too. Carpeted floors can accumulate a collection of pet hair quite quickly. In addition, cleaning carpets of urine and other animal accidents can be a tricky proposition as well.

Similarly, carpets can also collect pet scents over time, thereby becoming even dirtier. So, if you have pets, stick to other hardwood floors rather than carpets. 

What Kinds of Fibres Do Carpet Flooring Manufacturers Typically Use for Producing Carpets?

It goes without saying that flooring suppliers will have an enviable range of flooring options and products to offer. So, if you were to settle on purchasing a hardwood floor, you would then need to move to the next level of decision-making. This would involve sifting through a selection of hardwood floors having different colours, designs, patterns, textures and finishes.

Similarly, if you were to plump for carpeted flooring, your task will not be any easier. You will still need to consider carpets of different shapes, sizes, fibres, styles etc. Opting to install carpet or vinyl flooring in your Sutherland Shire property is one thing. Knowing which fibres and types of carpets to install is quite another.

Traditionally, carpet manufacturers produced carpet flooring from wool. The emergence of synthetic fibres at the beginning of the 20th century made many carpet flooring manufacturers switch to these fibres. In many cases, carpet manufacturers began to use synthetic fibres because they were relatively inexpensive. 

Some of the most common fibres used by manufacturers of carpet flooring these days include:

Wool: This is one of the most durable resilient materials used by carpet flooring manufacturers the world over. At the same time, it requires more maintenance than other materials. If maintained well, flooring featuring this fibre could last you for years. 

Experts opine that wool helps in humidifying rooms. But, wool is an absorbent material as well. So, it remains prone to staining easily. It is worth mentioning that carpet flooring made from wool will be quite expensive.

Lastly, because wool comes from the backs of sheep, it remains a sustainable and renewable resource. Its warmth, softness and durability make it ideal for use in a diverse range of spaces and situations.

Sisal: Manufacturers obtain this material from the fibres of a plant in the agave family. This fibre is tough, durable and textured. This makes it easy to weave and dye. However, it could feel rough underfoot. 

Jute: This fibre originates from the jute stalk. It comes in an assortment of dyed and woven styles. However, jute carpets are not as durable as those made from other fibres. They need proper maintenance, without which they could deteriorate with the passage of time.

Seagrass: Manufacturers use dried seagrass to produce a durable yarn that has a greenish hue. They weave this yarn into carpets. Carpets made from seagrass will feel softer than those made from sisal. But, this softness does not affect the toughness and resilience of seagrass fibre.

Nylon: One of the biggest advantages of purchasing carpet flooring made of nylon lies in the fact that nylon is a very durable material. In addition, it is a material known for its elasticity as well. So, it can revert to its original state after furniture and other heavy objects have compressed the fibres of this carpet. However, nylon is among the costliest synthetic materials to produce. 

Polyester: Polyester comes in an assortment of qualities. It is not as durable as nylon. Thus, it will show signs of wear and tear much faster. On the plus side, polyester offers superior levels of stain resistance than nylon. It is relatively cheaper than nylon too. 

Polypropylene (or Olefin): Installing carpet flooring in your Wollondilly residence can be a worthwhile investment. This is especially so if the carpet features polypropylene. Polypropylene carpets are ideal in areas that face moisture issues. They can resist staining. They can resist water damage and the proliferation of moulds and mildew as well.

 Although polypropylene has an appearance similar to that of wool, it is much cheaper than wool. People use polypropylene carpet flooring in low-traffic areas. It is worth mentioning that installing polypropylene carpets in areas exposed to direct sunlight could be counterproductive. Failing to do so could make the flooring fade over time.

What Kinds of Carpet Styles Can You Commonly Come Across in Australia?

Installing carpet flooring in your Picton residence can be a good decision. But, it is worth mentioning that not all carpet styles and types are conducive for use in all situations or lifestyles. For example, some carpet styles are ideal for use in polished and low-traffic areas.

These carpets will usually be more luxurious in appearance. In contrast, other carpets will be perfect for withstanding the everyday wear and tear that comes with daily use. Such carpets will usually be cheaper and tougher. Carpets can add warmth and comfort to your home. They can act as good sound barriers between rooms. In addition, they can suit those constrained by budgets. But, investing in carpeted flooring still involves making the right selection.

Manufacturers construct carpets by weaving material through the backing of the carpet. The weaving style denotes the pile of the carpet. Depending on whether the manufacturers loop the pile or cut it in certain angles, the style of the carpet changes accordingly. 

Some of the different carpet styles that you would typically come across include:

Cable: This cut-pile carpet style utilises longer yarns. It provides superior levels of comfort. Thus, it is not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

Saxony: This style is more formal in appearance. Its plush look and feel enhance this effect. Carpets having this style will show footprints and furniture marks. Thus, they are not suitable for use in high-traffic areas.

While being warm and comfortable, these carpets come in an array of colours, patterns and textures. But, these carpets hold more dirt, dust and dander than other low-pile carpets. Avoid using these carpets if you have people suffering from asthma and other allergies in your house.

Plush: Carpets featuring this formal style have even surfaces. They feel smoother underfoot too. 

Textured: Textured carpets are not as formal as other cut-pile carpets. Made from uneven, crimped material, they exude a casual look. This uneven look enables the carpet to hide dirt. Homeowners often use this carpet in low-traffic areas.

Frieze (or Twist Construction): These carpets sport a more casual appearance. They feel springy underfoot as well. Installing frieze carpets in your Sutherland Shire property can be a good decision. The longer fibres of these carpets will conceal dirt well. They also create a fun, textured appearance. Use these carpets if you have kids and pets in the house. 

Berber: Carpets featuring this loop-pile carpet style have short, compact and looped fibres of uniform height. Thus, these carpets sport a casual look. This makes them immensely durable, which is exactly what you need in high-traffic areas.

These carpets do not stain easily. They do not hold as much dirt, dust and dander as longer pile carpets. They can withstand a lot of wear too. In addition, they are quite inexpensive as well. However, they could feel slightly rough underfoot.

Patterned: Carpets featuring this loop-pile carpet style will have loops of different sizes. This helps in creating a myriad of patterns and textures. These carpets could look worn occasionally because they are not very resilient. But, they are superb when it comes to concealing dirt in high-traffic areas. These carpets provide a visual centrepiece to your home interiors. 

Plain Weave: Plain carpets can provide an effective backdrop to your interior décor. They will exude a warm look without overpowering your interior home décor style.

Heathered: Heathered carpets typically feature mottled textures. This trait enables them to make any room feel softer. 

In Which Situations Are Carpeted Floors the Best Alternative?

When shopping for new floors, homeowners often don’t look beyond the obvious. For many people, tiled floors or hardwood floors are the ultimate. However, a myriad of different flooring alternatives abound that offer a number of benefits. For instance, laminate flooring is one of the most popular flooring options in Engadine and other places.

The biggest benefit that laminate flooring offers is that it can replicate the look of other, more expensive flooring materials easily. So, if you like hardwood flooring but cannot afford it, you should consider laminate floors.

Laminate flooring can exude a look comparable to genuine hardwood floors. Most importantly, they will be much cheaper than genuine hardwood floors.Similarly, some situations warrant the use of carpeted flooring.

So, if you find yourself in the following situations, you must consider installing carpeted flooring:

-  If You Live in Condominiums or Multi-Storeyed Structures: In many condominiums or multi-storeyed structures, the builders will probably not have used much sound-absorbent material. As a result, you could easily end up hearing sounds emanate from the floors above or below. By installing carpets, you will add a level of cushioning and soundproofing that hardwood or tiled floors cannot offer. Carpeted floors can minimise sounds levels throughout. This can make your home much quieter.

If You Live in Areas that Experience Extreme Cold: A tiled floor can be pleasant to look at. The symmetrical look of these floors makes them a huge draw for many homeowners. But, if you live in areas that experience extremely cold weather conditions, tiled floors could be problematic. Not only will they make your home feel colder in winters. They will feel cold and uncomfortable underfoot. Eliminate this hassle by installing carpet flooring. Carpeted floors provide another insulative layer in your home. Thus, your home will feel warmer. And, you will be able to reduce your energy bills as well.

-  If You’re Staying on Rent: People staying in rented accommodation can hardly afford to install timber flooring in their Sutherland Shire properties. Not only is the cost of hardwood floors prohibitive. Installing hardwood floors in a rented property doesn’t make sense either. For an economical and relatively long-term solution, carpets can be ideal. They cost much lesser than authentic hardwood floors. Replacing them is easy as well.





What Factors Contribute To The Overwhelming Popularity Of Carpet Floors In Australia?

Installing carpet flooring in your home can be a great idea. Carpet floors are ideal for use in most situations. However, you will need to keep some things in mind when you purchase these floors. Carpets can develop stains easily. This means that you will need to take good and regular care of these floors.

This is especially so if you have children and pets in the house. In addition, carpet floors can exhibit wear patterns more than hardwood flooring does. Despite this, carpet floors come with an assortment of benefits that make them worthwhile investments.

Homeowners often prefer carpets to laminate flooring in their Wollondilly homes because carpets:

Are Warm and Comfortable: Stepping on marble or tiled floors on hot days can be nice. But, these floors can be equally uncomfortable to step on in winters. In contrast, carpets always feel warm and comfortable. This enables them to make any room feel welcoming and cosy.

-Are Soft and Safe: Kids can get rough during play. So, if they fall on hard floors, they can sustain serious injuries. In contrast, carpeted floors will cushion the shock considerably. These floors can significantly reduce the likelihood of injuries by preventing slips and falls.

Suit Casual and Formal Interior Décor: Many interior designers recommend the use of carpeted floors. This is because these floors suit casual and formal interior décor styles. So, whether you want a specific space to exude a casual look or a formal feel, having a carpeted floor could help you achieve your objective easily.

Offer Immense Options in Terms of Choice: Carpets come in an array of colours. In addition, they come in various textures and styles. This versatility makes them ideal for using in homes and commercial facilities alike.

Are Versatile: Carpets come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. You could opt for a thick shag or purchasing one that is shorter and simpler. Regardless of their size, carpets can enliven your home interiors significantly.

Can Lower Your Energy Bills: Not many people will be aware of this, but carpeted floors can reduce their energy bills. Carpeted floors accomplish this objective by virtue of their insulative properties. Carpets can retain warmth well. So, they can provide effective insulation in extremely cold conditions.

Can Absorb Sound: Experts opine that carpets also have sound absorbing qualities. As such, they can reduce noises from speakers, audio systems, computers and televisions well. Using carpets in your home can create effective sound barriers between rooms.

-  Are Cost-Effective: In many cases, carpets can be relatively cheaper than other kinds of flooring material. This will typically depend on the fibre of the carpet you purchase. In addition, carpets can provide additional levels of insulation as well. This could help reduce your power bills significantly in winters.

As mentioned earlier, carpets can stain easily. As such, cleaning them can present some challenges. In addition, carpets have seams, which wear easily with time. Carpets typically age faster than other flooring materials.

Hence, you shouldn’t use them in high-traffic areas. For these reasons, many people opt for timber flooring in their Engadine properties. But, you could mitigate some of the drawbacks of carpet floors by hiring professionals to install your carpeted floors.

In addition, you could consider purchasing stain-resistant carpeting. Alternatively, you could even have professionals apply a stain-resistant treatment to your carpets.



What Are Some of the Top Flooring Materials for Australian Homeowners?

Despite the challenges that it might involve, renovating or remodelling any room in your house can be far easier than revamping the flooring in your home. This is especially so if your new flooring is not as easy or straightforward to install. After all, if workers are working in a specific room in the house, you will always be able to use another room.

But, if they are ripping up your existing floor, you will not have too many places to consider retreating to. However, this is just one of the issues that replacing the existing flooring in your Picton residence involves.

Shopping for a new floor can be just as complicated. You will typically visit the showroom of a reputed and established flooring supplier in the vicinity. Such suppliers will invariably present you with a wide selection of flooring materials. And, even if you’re certain about the flooring material that you want, you could find yourself contemplating a myriad of flooring options featuring the material of your choice.

Clearly, making a decision will not be all that easy. In this scenario, doing your homework becomes a necessity. So, when you finally head out to a flooring showroom, you have made up your mind about the flooring material you need. In addition, you will also have a pretty good idea about the kind of pattern and design that you want your new floor to have.

Some of the top flooring materials used in Australia include:

Hardwood Floors: These floors are among the most popular throughout the country. They are durable and natural. They are superlative in look and aesthetic appeal. They can enhance the value of your home significantly. But, they also come at a relatively higher price. And, you will need to take good care of these floors. Exposure to moisture and high temperatures could make the wood swell or warp.

-Laminate Floors: For people who like the look of hardwood floors but not their price, laminate floors are an attractive alternative. Installing these floors is easy. So, you could save on installation costs by handling the job yourself. However, laminate floors could be susceptible to water damage.

Carpet Floors: Carpets are quite popular in bedrooms and kid’s rooms throughout Sutherland Shire and the adjoining areas. The softness of these floors makes them worthwhile investments. However, carpets are prone to collecting dust easily. So, if your family features people who have or are susceptible to allergies, avoid opting for carpets. Looking after carpets can require some effort. But, if you’re willing to overlook this aspect, carpets can enliven your home interiors superbly.

Linoleum Floors: If you want a durable floor that is ideal for use in high-traffic areas, opt for linoleum. Pigmenting these floors is easy. So, you should easily be able to get a linoleum floor in a specific colour or pattern of your choice. Some suppliers can even supply and install linoleum floors in tiles.

Ceramic Tile Floors: When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, tiles are the ideal flooring material. They are easy to clean. Taking care of them is easy. Most importantly, they are not susceptible to water damage. Cleaning and resealing the grout regularly is something that you will need to deal with.




How to Go About Replacing the Existing Flooring in Your Home

If your flooring is looking outdated and shabby, you will probably need to consider replacing it in the near future. Many homeowners shirk away from making this decision. This is primarily because replacing the flooring in your house can be an intimidating process. Not only will you need to consider several factors before you select a specific flooring. You will also need to sift through a plethora of options when you shop for new flooring.

Flooring suppliers can typically provide a wide selection of choice within each category of flooring materials. This diverse range of options can be a boon on occasions. But, when they end up complicating what should be a simple process, it can be quite frustrating.

For instance, consider a situation where you decided to purchase vinyl flooring for your Engadine property. It goes without saying that any reputed supplier of flooring materials will be able to offer a wide range of options in vinyl floors. So, making a decision will certainly not be all that easy.

Before you shop for new floors, consider the different spaces in your home and the manner in which you use them. Some flooring materials might be suitable for using in your living spaces. But, they might not be as useful in other areas of the house

. For instance, using hardwood floors in your living and dining areas might be a superb investment. However, installing them in your cellar will be a dreadful waste of time and money. This is why you will need to do your research before you go shopping.

When you decide to purchase new flooring, don’t just make a list of the different rooms in your house and the way you use them. Study the different types of flooring materials. Understand their merits and demerits so that you will be able to make the best selection for various areas in your home. Homeowners don’t particularly enjoy the complexities involved in a flooring replacement project.

As a result, many of them try to rush through these projects unnecessarily. Replacing a floor is not easy. It isn’t cheap either. So, if you get your decision wrong, you will have spent your money unwisely. The trick lies in being patient. Waiting to make the right choice before you install the flooring could yield you dividends for years once you eventually install it.

Installing timber flooring in your Wollondilly property is not a cakewalk by any means. Installing a new floor is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process. Some people might feel that they can adopt the ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) approach to install their new flooring. But, this could be unwise if you don’t have much experience handling the tools necessary for installing floors.

 Installing some flooring materials is easy. But, other flooring materials can be tough to install. Therefore, understand the installation process. Be honest about your skill levels. And, don’t focus excessively on saving as much money as possible by cutting down on installation expenses. The perfect finish and look that professional floor installations exude can be tough for amateurs to replicate.



Purchasing Quality Carpet Flooring For Your Home Could Yield Significant Dividends

Generally, when homeowners renovate their homes, they do so to enhance its visual appeal and comfort. In some cases, they might undertake a renovation project to make their living spaces more functional.

Not only will these modifications and extensions enhance the personal levels of satisfaction of the property owners. In some cases, these renovations can be a great way for preparing the house for a future sale.

Depending on the changes that you plan to make, your renovation could enhance the resale value of the property by several notches. This is especially so if the changes made make your home more modern and attractive.

It goes without saying that some renovations add greater value to the home than others. However, a lot depends on the materials used in the renovation. At the same time, the total cost of the renovation exerts a significant amount of influence as well. This is why homeowners typically renovate keeping their budgets in mind.

But, they will also need to estimate how the changes they’re making will help the value of their home appreciate over the coming years. For instance, you will not find many takers for a house that has dirty and outdated flooring in Wollondilly and other places. Similarly, many prospective homebuyers could feel put off when they encounter a distressed and outdated countertop in the kitchen.

So, if you’re planning to put your house up for sale in the near future, ensure that you give your home some attractive features before doing so. For instance, install a modern countertop made of marble, stainless steel or granite in the kitchen.

Similarly, update the look and feel of your bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. You could consider replacing the hardware or painting the cabinets. Another worthwhile investment to make might lie in installing unique and timeless window treatments.

Window treatments such as curtains and valances can enhance the softness of any living space. At the same time, they could give you control over the amount of light that enters indoors.

Last but not the least, examine the flooring. Warped or water-stained flooring will be a turn-off. So, don’t avoid having to install new timber or laminate flooring in your Sutherland Shire property. The popularity of hardwood and laminate floors in Australia continues to soar with each passing day.

But, for sheer comfort and economy, you could even consider installing carpets and rugs. Inferior-grade carpets could be susceptible to stains and spills. But, with proper care, your carpets could make any room look more welcoming and warm.

Unlike other flooring materials, carpets feel soft underfoot. In addition, they will remain comfortable in summers and winters. These traits, along with others, make them one of the top flooring options in the country.



Picton and Engadine Floorstore – Your One-Stop Shop for All Kinds of New Flooring

Installing a timber floor in your house can be a fruitful investment. Not only do these floors offer superior levels of versatility and durability. They can enhance the visual appeal of any space too. Their versatility enables these floors to look good in almost all interior décor and design styles.

They are perhaps, slightly more expensive than other flooring materials. But, their timelessly classic look and long-lasting features more than compensate for the slightly higher cost. However, it is worth highlighting that not all timber floors are equal. Certainly, all timber floors will comprise wood. But, you will need to do your homework before you finalise your purchase.

Among other things, you will need to consider aspects such as:

  • The reputation of the product and the manufacturer
  • The experience of the manufacturer in the industry
  • The warranties offered by the manufacturer
  • The number of coats that the timber flooring features and the quality of the coats
  • Whether the flooring material features highly scratch-resistant coatings and,
  • The testimonials of past customers

While not exhaustive, the list above could help you find a timber floor that offers optimal value for money.

For the best quality flooring materials, don’t look beyond Picton & Engadine Floorstore. A family owned and operated company, we have been providing a myriad of flooring materials to clients for several years. It is worth mentioning that we have a collective experience of over 220 years in the flooring industry.

As a result, our knowledge of flooring materials, products and services remains superlative. This expertise enables us to give you floors that best suit your needs. At the same time, we guarantee that you will find products that fit into your budgets perfectly.

We specialise in the sales and installation of a myriad of flooring products. So, whether you need carpets or vinyl flooring for your Sutherland Shire property, we can give you any kind of flooring. Unlike other flooring suppliers, we have the staff, the infrastructure and the experience to supply and install any kind of flooring ranging from two to 20,000 square metres.

In addition, we can provide flooring suitable for use in both residential and commercial properties. It is worth highlighting that we employ only the most skilled and experienced floor installers.

As a result, you can expect quality installation services in the quickest timeframes possible. With us, you can expect to receive the best products at the best rates. To know more, call us at (02) 4677 3366 or (02) 9520 0628.

How to Take Good Care of Your Solid Timber Floors

Manufacturers of solid timber floors usually cut the wooden boards from a single piece of natural timber. Among all the different types of flooring materials sold in Australia these days, wooden flooring is among the simplest. These floors remain highly renowned the world over for their unique and incredible beauty. Each solid timber floor offers its own combination of grain, species and colour. This makes it easier for home and business owners to find a combination that suits their personal tastes and preferences. In addition, solid timber floors are durable and long-lasting. They can easily outlast their owners. One advantage with these floors is that you can sand them down and refinish them several times. As a result, you will continue to enjoy a sleek looking floor without any of the scratches and dents that accompany frequent use. A solid timber floor can be great for using in high-traffic areas. In addition, it can add long-term value to your property.

However, you will only get to enjoy these benefits if you take proper care of the timber and laminate flooring in your Picton property. It is worth mentioning that new timber floors can be an expensive and time-consuming investment. So, you will need to maintain them well, so that the quality of the floor continues to remain in superb condition. Some of the ways by which you could take proper care of your solid timber floors is by:

  • Letting the Timber Sealing Dry Completely: Some homeowners can be quite impatient. So, after applying a fresh coat of varnish, they will simply not think twice before placing their furniture and other items on the freshly varnished floor. This can be counterproductive. It could lead to the appearance of dents on the varnish. For best results, avoid placing carpets or rugs on timber floors for at least 15 days after the application of the finish. Similarly, avoid placing your furniture on the flooring for at least 48 hours after applying a new coat of varnish.
  • Using the Floor Carefully: If you use your floor carefully, you will be able to protect it from scratches and scuffmarks. For instance, consider fitting protective padding on the legs of your furniture. Similarly, use protective mats for furniture fitted with castors. Or, replace ball castors with barrel castors as the latter will not damage the floor as much.
  • Preventing the Build-up of Dirt and Water: Place trapping mats at all exterior doors. This will minimise the amount of dirt, sand and grit that enters indoors. Clean your small rugs and hall runners regularly. Sweep common areas with soft-bristle brooms frequently too. Only clean the timber flooring in your Sutherland Shire property with well-wrung mops. Otherwise, the floor could remain wet for long spans of time. This will change the balance of moisture in the timber and cause expansion or cupping.
  • Protecting Your Flooring from Harsh Temperatures: Hardwood timber floors remain prone to fading, darkening or changing shades with the passage of time. Exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperature & moisture changes could accelerate this significantly. Use window coverings to block the sunlight. Similarly, maintain a neutral temperature to eliminate hassles such as dryness, gaps and cupping.
  • Resealing the Timber Floor Regularly: Inspect the flooring at least once a year. Varying moisture and temperature levels could discolour the wood. Clean the floor thoroughly. Thereafter, seal it with varnish or oil.

In Which Situations Should You Opt for Carpet and Timber Flooring?

Suppliers of quality flooring materials will usually stock an endless range of floors. Not only will they stock a diverse selection of flooring types in their showrooms. They will provide a myriad of options in each flooring type as well. As a result, the people flocking to these showrooms will find themselves looking at floors featuring different kinds of colours, designs, textures, patterns etc. This variety can be quite useful. This is especially so when you’re specific about the kind of flooring that you want to purchase. Similarly, if you’re facing budgetary constraints, you will not find it hard to get a floor that looks like the one you wanted, albeit at a much lower rate. However, this plethora of options can serve to leave shoppers confused as well.

In many cases, people shopping for new floors will often find themselves considering timber floors or carpets for their Sutherland Shire homes. Carpets can make homes look warm. They can feel remarkably soft and comfortable underfoot. But, the timelessly classic charm exuded by hardwood floors can be equally hard to beat. Hardwood floors offer superior durability benefits that carpets cannot replicate. Similarly, cleaning a hardwood floor is far easier than cleaning carpets. You will need to take good care of your carpets to ensure that they last you for years. Regular vacuuming is imperative. In addition, carpets will require frequent steam-cleaning as well.

It is worth mentioning that there is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should install carpets or timber flooring. The decision will typically depend on the look and feel that you want a specific room or space to exude. In case you want a room that feels incredibly warm and inviting, you will need to install carpets. Not only will carpets feel wonderfully soft underfoot. They will certainly feel more comfortable than any kind of timber flooring. Carpets also tend to retain heat better. Moreover, they can also provide some much-needed acoustic insulation. The enviable range of colour options that carpets offer can enable you to make a style statement too.

In some cases, though, hardwood or timber floors can be more appropriate. So, if you want your rooms to exude a timelessly classic and elegant look, opt for quality timber flooring in your Wollondilly home. Authentic hardwood floors offer a true richness in look. In addition, they imbue spaces with an old-fashioned warmth that people find hard to resist. These traits make wooden floors one of the most widely selling flooring materials across the country. Similarly, if you want to give a room a makeover with a new floor and do not want the new floor to look out of place, opt for timber floors. These floors are immensely versatile. Thus, they will easily blend in with the existing décor and style of the room. Wooden flooring is incredibly neutral. So, you will never need to fret over the fact that your new timber flooring has forced you to stick to a particular style or décor choice for longer than you need to.

How to Restore a Solid Timber Floor

When people shop for new floors, they will visit the showrooms of some of the leading flooring suppliers in the area. These suppliers will have a diverse selection of offerings. Not only will they have a myriad of flooring types. They will inevitably be able to offer a diverse range of colours, designs, patterns, textures and finishes in each category of flooring. Such an enviable range of options will undoubtedly serve to increase the confusion levels among buyers. For instance, consider a situation where you went to purchase timber floors. Now, timber floors are available in their natural and engineered varieties. In addition, timber floors could comprise wood from a number of trees such as oak, maple, fir, cedar, eucalyptus etc. Trying to make sense of all these options can boggle the mind.

Once you’ve purchase the timber flooring for your Picton residence, you will need to maintain it. Well-maintained floors invariably end up looking good for longer stretches of time. In many cases, people do not need to replace their solid timber floors. This is because the floors simply become more appealing with the passage of time. However, these floors might lose their lustrous and glossy look after some time. In this scenario, you will need to restore the floor. It is worth mentioning that you will be able to restore your timber floor over and over again. This fact alone makes investing in timber flooring a worthwhile decision.

It is probably best to hire professionals for restoring your timber floor. These professionals will:

  • Repair the Floor: Prior to commencing the restoration of the floor, the workers will remove all the furniture, rugs etc. placed over the wooden flooring. They will look for nail holes, water stains and similarly damaged areas. Damaged boards will require replacement. This often necessitates searching for and purchasing flooring of the same species and staining it to match. These workers will fill the nail holes with wood putty or a mixture of glue and sawdust.
  • Sand the Floor: After repairing the floor, the workers will use an upright sander and edger for sanding the floor. Before they begin, they will remove the exposed tacks, staples and nails from the floor. They will also select grits based on the condition of the floor. Sanding the floor often involves going over the floor several times. Each occasion will necessitate using a finer grit sandpaper. Professional floor sanders will ensure that they walk at a steady pace. They will not over-sand or under-sand some parts of the floor. They will not create indentations when they start and stop. Their professionalism and experience enable them to deliver a smooth surface on each occasion.
  • Finish the Floor: Many outfits provide timber flooring sanding services in Sutherland Shire and elsewhere. The professionals working in these companies will finish the floor after repairing and sanding it. They will scrape and rid the floor of sand and dust. Thereafter, they will use a wood dye, oil or a polyurethane finish for finishing the floor. In many cases, these individuals will test the colours of the finishes before applying it to the floor.

Which Flooring Materials Should You Consider Installing in Your Bathrooms?

The bathroom and the kitchen are two spaces in the house that remain in heavy use. In addition, they are probably the wettest areas in the entire house. Thus, if you purchase new flooring for these rooms in your Engadine property, you will need durable and water-resistant floors. In many cases, the bathroom will usually present the biggest challenge in terms of finding a suitable flooring material. Quite a number of houses in Australia feature small bathrooms. Moreover, with showers and baths constantly taking place, these rooms will typically feature pools of water on the floor. Now, it is worth mentioning that wet floors can lead to slips and falls. So, your bathroom floors will need to be slip-resistant too.

Some of the most popular flooring materials used in bathrooms include:

  • Ceramic and Stone Tiles: These tiles comprise fired clay with glazing on one side. This glazing gives the tile a decorative finish. It seals it as well – thereby making it waterproof. Tiles come in an array of colours and designs. They are inexpensive too. But, large and smooth tiles could be slippery. In addition, the mortar joints could be prone to staining. Similarly, laying tiles over wooden floors could impede access to the pipes beneath the flooring. Stone tiles ted to be more porous than their ceramic counterparts. Thus, they require proper sealing, which makes them more difficult to maintain.
  • Linoleum: These floors typically comprise linseed oil, pine resin, ground cork & wood and other mineral ingredients. Linoleum floors come in a wide range of colours and designs. These floors offer higher levels of flexibility than tiles. In addition, they are more durable than vinyl. For using in your bathrooms, opt for linoleum floors having textured surfaces, impregnated colours and suitable levels of thickness.
  • Concrete: Many people might feel that concrete floors are neither pretty nor stylish. But, the types of concrete floors sold these days do not lack on either count. Polishing, colouring and finishing concrete floors is much easier nowadays. So, instead of installing tiles over your concrete floor, consider giving it a slip-resistant finish instead.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is increasingly becoming popular in Sutherland Shire and the neighbouring areas. Vinyl is an artificial and waterproof material. Thus, a vinyl floor cut in a single piece will be water-resistant. However, vinyl tiles are not as water-resistant as vinyl sheets. Vinyl strip flooring is also quite common these days. Suppliers produce these strips to ape the look of wood. Vinyl floors come in all kinds of colours and designs. They are easy to install and clean too.
  • Cork: Cork floors can be quite suitable for bathrooms. This is because cork is a soft and warm material. In addition, it resists moulds and mildew naturally. However, it requires regular maintenance and proper sealing. This is especially so because it is a highly porous material.

How Can You Protect or Finish Your Solid Timber Floor to Perfection?

In some cases, timber flooring suppliers in Picton and elsewhere can provide flooring made of solid and unfinished timber. Some interior design experts believe that such floors are probably the best investments when you want new floors. This is because giving these floors a fresh lease of life is easy. So, whenever the floors start looking shabby or stained, you will not need to think about replacing them. Instead, you can simply renew them by hiring professionals to sand the floors. In contrast, you will not be able to give your laminated floors a similar makeover. Similarly, unlike carpets, your timber floors will not soak up liquids. And, they will be easier to clean as well. In many cases, solid timber flooring could last you for as long as 100 years.

People wanting to make a long-term investment in their homes, will opt for quality new flooring. In this scenario, floors comprising solid timber offer optimal value for money. However, these floors often come unfinished (or as milled). Once installed, these floors will require quality sealants. Sealants serve to bring out the natural beauty of these floors. In addition, they help protect the timber floors from staining. Some of the best products for finishing your solid timber floors include:

  • Solvent-based Polyurethane Finishes: Polyurethane finishes feature plastics suspended in solvents. These finishes make your timber floors water and stain resistant. This enhances the durability of the floor. Polyurethane finishes are among the most popular wood finishes in the country. They are affordable and practical too. But, only apply these finishes in a well-ventilated environment.
  • Water-based Polyurethane Finishes: These wooden floor finishes are non-toxic and ecofriendly. In the past, these finishes were not very durable. However, technological advancements have made these finishes more durable and long-lasting.
  • Oil-based Polyurethane Finishes: In terms of durability, oil-based polyurethane finishes are not as good as their solvent-based counterparts. But, they are more durable than natural-oil-based finishes. Oil-based finishes are not as toxic as solvent-based finishes too. Thus, they provide your floors with a more natural look. In addition, they are easy to patch and spot-repair. Not surprisingly, several suppliers of timber and vinyl flooring in Wollondilly and elsewhere stock these finishes.
  • Traditional Oil-based Finishes: If you require a traditional and non-toxic finishing process, opt for traditional oil finishes. The oil soaks into the timber. This makes the timber moisture and scratch resistant. In some cases, the workers might apply wax over the oil to make the surface more impervious. It is worth mentioning that you’ll likely need to apply this finish every few years or so. However, the satiny finish will look remarkable. And, should you decide to sand the floor, you will not need to sand off a layer of plastic before you get to the wood. Performing spot-repairs and touch-ups is easier as well.

What Are Some of the Most Common Misconceptions that People Have About Engineered Timber Floors?

Shopping for new flooring can be a tough experience. Most reputed suppliers will offer a variety of flooring materials. In addition, each kind of flooring will invariably come in an assortment of colours, designs, patterns, textures and finishes. Technological advancements continue to introduce better kinds of flooring with each passing year. So, what might seem like an easy decision initially, often ends up becoming a frustrating process. In recent times, many suppliers of hardwood and laminate flooring in Sutherland Shire and other places have been offering engineered hardwood floors. These floors have been gaining in popularity in recent times. Their popularity primarily stems from the fact that they are relatively cheaper than solid hardwood floors.

In engineered timber floors, the construction of the slats of wood is quite similar to that found in plywood. The wear (or topmost) layer will usually feature a veneer surface. This surface is one of the things buyers will need to examine carefully. This is because engineered timber floors with thicker wear layers will be more long-lasting and durable. The thickness of the wear layer also enables you to determine whether you will be able to refinish the engineered floor and if yes, then the frequency of refinishing. However, many misconceptions exist when it comes to engineered timber flooring. Some of the most common misconceptions that people have about these floors are:

  • Engineering Destroys the Look and Feel of Genuine Timber Flooring: It goes without saying that hardwood floors are highly attractive. But, some people feel that engineered hardwood floors are not as attractive as authentic timber floors. This is not at all true. The topmost layer of an engineered hardwood floor is a hardwood veneer. Thus, the engineered floor will look and feel quite similar to its natural counterpart.
  • Engineered Timber Floors Are Not Stable: Some individuals feel that engineered timber floors do not offer the versatility and stability that other flooring materials typically offer. However, this is not correct. Engineered hardwood floors offer higher levels of stability than traditional hardwood floors. This is especially so when one considers the effect of heat and moisture on traditional timber flooring. Manufacturers of timber flooring in Engadine and other places construct engineered hardwood floors from multiple planks. They place these planks over concrete floors in many cases. Thus, these floors will naturally offer superior levels of stability and durability.
  • Engineered Timber Floors Require Regular Sanding: You can sand an engineered timber floor. But, this does not depend on the material itself. Rather, it depends on the thickness of the topmost layer or the hardwood veneer. Each time you sand the engineered hardwood floor, the floor will lose a little of its thickness. So, you will probably be able to sand your engineered timber floor a few times in its lifespan before replacing it altogether.

Are You Looking for the Best Providers of Laminate and Timber Flooring in Wollondilly?

Shopping for new flooring is hardly an attractive activity. Not many people possess ample knowledge about the different varieties of flooring available and their features or merits. As such, if you were to visit the showroom of a flooring supplier on a whim, you would probably end up feeling intimidated. Even if you had some idea about the kind of flooring that you were looking for, the array of options presented before you would leave you stumped. Then again, replacing the flooring in your house is not the same as repainting the walls. For, a flooring replacement project will disrupt the routine of your life to a greater extent than a straightforward repainting project. For these reasons, many homeowners keep procrastinating when it comes to revamping their flooring. 

However, there comes a time, when property owners will not be able to put things off for much longer. The flooring will keep looking worn out and shabbier by the day. Naturally, this will be a source of immense embarrassment each time visitors come calling. So, if you’re among those who have been putting off the need to replace the flooring of your home, it might be time to take some action. This is especially so in case you come across the following signs:

  • The flooring in your Picton residence is more than 10 years old and it doesn’t comprise hardwoods, stone or concrete
  • The appearance of several cracks in the flooring
  • Your floor has started creaking, which also indicates that you might need to replace your subfloor
  • You need to replace a part of your floor but cannot find a perfect match – especially if your floor doesn’t feature tiles
  • Your flooring has sustained significant water damage, manifested by signs such as warping, discolouration or the appearance of dark spots etc.
  • You can no longer clean your grout as well as you were able to previously or,
  • You are currently using carpeted flooring, which is now beginning to look faded or torn

When you need quality flooring that offers optimal value for money, you need to shop with an established and reputed supplier of flooring products. This is why many people flock to Picton & Engadine Floorstore for purchasing quality flooring materials and products. We are a family owned and operated business. We have been serving Australia’s flooring industry for a number of years. Thus, we have provided hundreds of customers in the local community and the neighbouring suburbs with ready access to impeccable levels of service and quality flooring products. Unlike other suppliers, we have extensive experience in both sales as well as installation services. This is vital as it enables us to offer sound advice, superior grade products and affordable rates.

Not many suppliers of quality flooring have as much experience as us. We have a combined experience of over 220 years in the flooring industry. This indicates why we’re the flooring supplier of choice in Engadine and the neighbouring areas. With us, you can expect to receive the best products at the best rates. We have the workforce, the infrastructure as well as the experience to supply and install any kind of flooring ranging from two to 20,000 square metres. So, when you’re shopping for new flooring the next time, think of us. Call us at (02) 4677 3366 or (02) 9520 0628 for more details.